I Personal don’t think Obama should have ever gotten into the car business. GM and Chrysler are no exceptions to life and death. Everything that grows is born lives and dies. That includes business, churches, people and every other living thing.

 It was time for GM to die. GM should have been given the dignity that all living things are allowed. Just simply die in peace.

 Rick Waggoner saw it was dying and could not except it. For GM to die meant he had to admit failure and that he would know longer be the captain of the biggest business in the world.

 I agree with Obama on firing him. Obama did something the board didn’t have the stomach to do.

 If GM had faced the situation, three years ago when it should have it would be a thriving company today.

 Look at Ford. They finally decided after decades that they had too much inbreeding in their management.

 They hired someone from the out side to run things. He gets his hatchet out and starts cutting. Three years or so later, they are turning down federal loans.

 The only reason they even showed up in Washington to help their two weaker brothers was that they wanted to keep them, for competition.

 What is scary to me is what might happen when the president and congress decide to go meddling in a business that they know nothing about.

 When Joe Blow is fired and he is distant kin to some congressional representative. What do you think will happen? Then there is when a certain suppler that is also a big contributor needs a little help getting in the door.

 I know Obama says that want happen. Let me ask you this. If you own 60% of something, don’t you think you should be heard?

 The congress is already trying to get some dealers off the cutting block.

 Remember poor performing dealers were one of the things that got them where they are.

 Are you comfortable with the same people trying to run GM that run social security.

 Talk about cost cutting. Do you remember how much hell was raise about shutting down military bases a few years ago? Government is all about waste and making things bigger.

They are also about raising prices. If the government takes control of GM look for the price of autos to go up.

  When the Post Office can’t function due to poor production and weak management they raise the price of the stamp.

 This same government now owns 60% of GM.

 I have an idea that GM is going to end up half the size with twice the regulations.

 Chrysler will eventually close. Fiat has never been successful in this country.

 If the government doesn’t harass GM into the ground, they might be number two with Toyota a clear leader.

 GM will most likely be making cars the government likes and the unions will have doubled their pay. Like the post office, GM will continue to suck on the taxpayer.

 Then on the other hand, Obama may break tradition and get out of the way. If that happens, GM will come out much smaller and much more profitable.

 I am pulling that Obama will do what is right. My very lively hood depends on it. The only thing that bothers me is the government’s record of accomplishment.

 Have a great day and come buy a SUV from me before Obama shrinks them all down to V.W.’s.


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