Bomb Shelters

With North Korea flexing their muscles, it reminds me of days gone by.

I remember as a child having bomb drills.

We would get under our desk and set quietly until the teacher announced the drill was over.

Thinking back,  that was rather unfair asking a kid to be quite right before he or she is to blown up. I mean after all you want have another chance to run in the hall or any thing.

There was never a bomb thank goodness. After a few years, the cold war began to thaw and people forgot about those years filled with terror.

Tornadoes blow through this state on regular bases. They often destroy property and kill people. Still it is a rare thing to see storm shelter. In the early sixties, there were bomb shelters everywhere. Some people even had them in their back yard.

Funny how you can adjust to almost any thing. Back then, one country besides us had the bomb and we were scared to death. Now half the nut cases that rule countries have one and nobody seems concerned.

I guess getting nuked now lands somewhere on the list around being blown away by a storm.

I wonder if any one still has any of that canned water left.

Take care and I hope you are all still around to read this tomorrow.


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