Gotta Look

Are you like me? You simply can’t pass on a look.

 If you tell me not to look at something, I will look every time.

When I was a kid, my mother would hide the Christmas presents. I would look every time she walked out of the house. If they were wrapped, I would simply look at the package.

 To this day, I can’t pass an accident without looking. If a fire truck or ambulance passes, I will walk to the front of the building and look out.

If someone leaves a paycheck stub laying out. It is every thing I can do not to look.

Yes, I am the person that looks to see who is passing him on the highway. I really don’t care. I just find myself looking.

I have a feeling that I am not the only one that looks. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hide behind bushes or try to look into windows. That has never crossed my mind. I just catch myself looking at everything that I pass every day.

I am the guy that reads every sign that he passes. I always read the little mini sermons on the church billboards out front.

I read ever sign on every truck that goes by.

The biggest temptation in the world for me is when someone says, “Don’t look.”

Another is keep your eyes closed to I say open them.”

You might be wondering what made me write on such a strange subject today. I just noticed I had 110 pieces of junk mail. All I had to do was press delete. I couldn’t. I just had to scan each one of them.

It was if the computer was saying don’t peep.

I am the perfect person to send a virus to. If you make it sound catchy, I will open it. Just put something like hello old friend I have been trying to catch up with you. If you really want to send me a bad virus write on it under no circumstances should you open this email.

I also open my junk snail mail knowing it is just that. I know there is not a check in those brown window envelopes but I have to look any way.

What is the old saying? Jeepers’ creepers where did you get those peepers.

Have a great day and don’t look at things you shouldn’t.


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