Distant Thunder

We have all lost something that has changed our life. I am no exception. June is a month of reflections for me.

I wrote the following a long time ago. Today I thought I would get it out and blow the dust off. Like the thunder in the night. These memories at times seem just out of reach. I am glad I wrote them down years ago. Today they comfort me.

You are only dead when there is no one left to remember you. Write on your head stone today. Make it something you will want that last person to remember.

Distant Thunder

Tonight my spirit takes me back to a small grave.

I stare at the ground, wondering what he would have been like.

Would he have ridden a trike?

 Then all too soon been on a bike?

Would he have been tall and tan?

Would his hair look as if it had been brushed with sand?

Would he have lost my favorite tool?

Would he have some day-skipped school?

Would everyone have thought of him as cool?

These things I ponder late into the night.

As I lay in bed and all is quiet.

 The only answer I receive is distant thunder.

Maybe it is God’s voice answering that these things are not for me to wonder.

No longer does he live in this house.

For eternity, he will live in our hearts.


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One Comment on “Distant Thunder”

  1. angie Says:

    Daddy, I very seldom remember Scottie’s birthday and I just thought to myself I am certain there is never one of his birthdays you don’t remember. You never really understand a parent’s love until you become one. It is truly never ending!

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