Eudora, Willie,Hemmingway,and of course William

Do you read? I do and a lot at that. I read between 50-55 books a year and I read the bible each day. Well maybe I miss a day ever now and then but I will read all the way through by the end of the year. I bought a bible you read through in a year. You can get behind as long as you are willing to catch up.

About twice a year, I decide to do something to expand my mind. I will read a classic or at least a famous dead author.

I just can’t quite figure out what makes some of these people so famous. I am trying as of now to read another tale by Faulkner. The name is The Sound and the Fury. Maybe he became so great because he could choose a great title. You know we have all gone to library and checked a book out because the title caught our attention.

To be fair to Mr. Faulkner I read a short story he wrote called Light in August. It’s in a Christmas book my daughter gave me a few years back. It was a good story. I actually for the most part understood what the characters were saying.

The same goes for Mississippi’s first lady of the written word, Eudora Welty. I had to force myself to finish A Delta Wedding.

I simply don’t think people speak as they have their characters speaking. Just one man’s opinion and I know it is very much in the minority. I am sure a Lit teacher would say that I am showing my ignorance. They would most likely be right.

That is why I keep buying Grisham. He writes for the great unwashed. I bet there are more of us than them.

Hemmingway is another. He reminds me of a drunk trying to tell a story.

Tennessee Williams on the other hand most likely was drunk when he wrote his stories and I still enjoy them. The stories are up front and I don’t feel as if I am reading in order to  write a class paper. He may have simply been part of the great unwashed that some how slipped through the literary cracks.

Willie Morse is my man. You can take the boy out of Yazoo City but the world was never able to take Yazoo City out of Willie.

I hope that this winter I can go up to the cemetery In Yazoo City and stand by Willie for a few minutes on a cold winter day. All I have to do is find the witches grave and I know Willie will be close by. Yes, I know he mostly wrote about hot delta days. Still there is simply something about a cold winter day, which makes Willie bigger than life.

Just writing about all these great writers have gotten me excited. I think I will get a glass of sweet tea, turn my reading lamp on, get my little pillow, recline back and read a copy of, Superman. Yes, I am talking about a comic book. What else would one read when his mind is on such great talent?

Maybe next time I will try my hand at being an art critic. I belong to a critique group. They haven’t helped me much with my writing but they have proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt any body can criticize any thing.



I was having such a good day and then I saw this.

AP source: Same-sex partners to get fed benefits
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