What if North Korea Attacks?????????

I am wondering about something. If this nut case in North Korea follows through with his promise and fires a nuclear rocket at us what will we do.

First, I am sure we have the technology to blow it out of the sky.

What I am not sure is what will be President Obama’s next step be. Will he declare war? Will he go to the United Nations and ask for more sanctions?

If China ask Obam to take a cool pill like we do Israel will he?

If he decides to fight, what will be his choice of war? Will he retaliate with a nuke or send men in to fight a ground war like Vietnam. What if N. Korea is willing to nuke their own people in order to subdue the American devils?

Where will the troops come from? Will we start the draft again? If so, that would take months to draft people and then train them. A year would not be out of the question. Would there be rioters in the streets protesting both the war and the draft. After all these are, the people that elected Obama. Where would that place him politically?

Would he pull troops out of Iraq and that part of the world to use them in Korea? This would leave that area wide open to whomever.

Would he consider pulling troops out of Europe leaving it exposed?

Japan or South Korea isn’t even a option

When we are stretched, as thin as saran wrap what is to stop Iran from invading Israel and then joining North Korea against us.

Do you really think the world would join us with any passion at all?

Most likely, you think none of this is possible. I hope you are right. If you can conceive the thought of being wrong, I have another question.

Have you ever heard the old saying? “Screwed and tattooed.”

One last thought. A friend of mine sent me this.

If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?

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