Pass The Taxes Please

It was a rather slow day on the car lot today. I was only able to make a dollar. The following is what happen to it.


–         0.21 Federal with holdings tax

–         0.8 Social Security and Medicare

–         0.9 MS State Tax


I still had this much left. I thought what the heck I am hungry. There is a  little nasty dump down the road you can buy a small burger for a  half dollar.

0.50 For the little greaser

0.05 sales taxes

0.07 restaurant and tourist tax

0.00 I went home with nothing in my pocket and still hungry.

I told my wife and she ask me. “When do you plan on paying the property tax. That runs about a weeks worth of wages. Oh yeah the tags are due on both cars. Another week and half worth of paydays.

“You do know we have to pay tax on the groceries when I go to the store don’t you? Don’t forget about the taxes on both our cell phones and the house phone. The cable is due and there is a tax on that bill.

“Did I mention the Electrical bill came in?”

“How much tax on that?”

“None at all. Still there is an extra fee for fuel adjustment and storm recovery. The state legislatures said that sounded better than tax.”

I said, “Enough already. I am going to the store and buy a bullet. I feel the only way out is to shut myself.”

“Too late Obama has raised the price of bullets so high that you can’t afford to kill yourself. Besides there would be all those funeral taxes. I also heard he is going to tax the kids and me on any thing that is only in your name.

 “No you just need to get off your butt and go make another dollar. Don’t stop to eat this time. We have to cut back. Remember the new slogan. Feed the beast and then yourself.”

Only in America  ……do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.



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