After attacking William Faulkner the other day, I thought I might better let literature take a break.

Today I thought I might take on two subjects at one time. First art and second obesity. You might think this is two strange subjects to be on the same blog page.

You maybe right, then you may not be.

Let us just dive into this subject head on. No let’s just do a belly flop.

You may not be aware that Michelangelo’s David is to be returned to Italy.

That’s right it has been on loan to Mississippi for the past two years now.

 I am sorry if you missed it. The only way you most likely will ever have a chance to see it again will be to visit Italy. It seems as if we have angered the Italians. They seemed to be offended by the way; we took care of David while he was on loan.

If we were guilty of any thing, it was plain old southern hospitality. 

If you don’t remember exactly what the statue looked like don’t worry. I, your blog master found a picture of it two years ago before it was shipped here to Mississippi.

Scroll down please.





































I bet you are saying, “Oh, yea, I know that statue.” 

You know, you really missed something while it was at Mama’s Café at Byram, Mississippi. You see what all you miss by not getting out more.

Now, I will show you a picture of the statue before it was crated up and shipped home. You can make up your own mind if it looks any different than it did when it got here 24 months ago.

Scroll down again please.
















david fat


What you think???????????


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