Health Care

What do you think about Obama’s health care plan? As for as that goes what do you think about any health care plan.

I am torn on this one subject. I see health care from two total different angels.

I think the question has to come down to, who deserves health care. You are most likely saying everyone deserves it but we simply cannot afford to give it to everyone.

I agree on both points, still though who should have to do without.

The older and the disable get coverage from either Medicaid or Medicare. The very young are now covered on a government plan. Any one working for a state or federal government gets theirs free. They are able to cover their dependents at a reasonable price.

I am a veteran. I have to pay a small co-pay and I get unbelievable coverage. My son-n-law is in the Air Guard and is deployed. He, my daughter and our grand kids are covered free, of course.

One more group is worth mentioning here. Any one that is in jail or prison has free coverage.

I once knew of a bookie in New Orleans that got two years in federal prison. He spent most of that time having heart operations. About two million dollars worth to be exact. Then about the time he was getting well his sentence was up.

If he had been on the outside, he would have gone bankrupt trying to stay alive.

Should only people lucky enough to fit in the above be able to have medical care?

I don’t know the answer. It has nothing to do with how much you make. Senators and congressional representative are paid well and they have some of the best coverage money can buy. Of course, we pay for it.

This brings up another question. Do we have enough to pay for their coverage? Maybe we should place them a on a $2000.00 deductible and a $50.00 co pay.

You want livelong enough to see that happen so forget it.

Let us face the facts here. The people that aren’t covered by the most part are working low paying jobs. They are barley keeping their lights on now. They can’t afford another nickel.

You might say tough. I didn’t make them poor. That is just something that goes along with poverty.

All right, I will agree with you as long as you agree that I didn’t make our senators powerful. Another word why do they deserve it and the person on the bottom of the ladder does not.

What about people in this country illegally? What do you do with them? Turn them away at the emergency room door and allow them to die in the parking lot?

You know we could stack the bodies up in nice piles and then ship them home. Now that we have said that, we all know that isn’t going to happen. In fact, I bet not one person that reads this would suggest it. After all that is one reason, they have risk life and limb to get here.

Just for record, I think we need to lock the borders down tight. I guess if we can’t win a war though that is too much to ask. Rome had the same problems. Guess who eventually took over. The barbarians they were at the gates if memory serves me.

I have asked many questions today. I really don’t have the answers. It does amaze me we have billions to spend on this and billions on that. We have a few billion to send another man to the moon. Then we have billions to spend on wars and such but to keep people well is something total different.

I read once that a nation was judged by history on how they buried their dead. I wonderf how you attend your sick has any meaning.

Again, I don’t agree with socialize medicine. Still you should be able to sleep at night knowing you want have to make a decision between paying the power bill and allowing your wife to go to the doctor.

I will say one last time. I have no idea what the answer is but I truly believe we have a problem.

As for as I am concerned, either the democrats or republicans can settle it. I don’t care.

I know one thing if everyone got the same care, as our elected officials’ things would change in a hurry.

 Have a healthy day.


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