A Broken Body

What if you had a broke arm and a cancer in your stomach? Now let’s say that your back is out of whack and your throat is raw.

 I ask, “How’s your health?

 Your heads answers, “Fine never been better.”

Think about it a little your head doesn’t hurt. Why shouldn’t it give me the answer I received?

You might be saying that if one part of your body hurts you hurt all over, including your head.

If that is what you said, allow me to explain. We are a nation that is made of many states. Start with one of the biggest California and now add sixteen more to the list. That is either how many states that is broken or at least having trouble setting their budget for the coming year.

Now look at President Barrack Obama. He is to this nation what your head is to your body. Yet he says he is fine. In fact, he says he is more than fine. He is saying he has no real financial problems.

To prove this he is spending money like a drunken sailor. He even asks and gets the House and Senate to approve billions in spending without even reading the bill.

What would happen to you if you had cancer and other broken  parts and your mind refused to agree that it even had a problem.

You would soon die. In fact, I would dare say that without treatment you would most likely die in terms of months rather than years.

I am afraid that we are half way down a slippery slope that ends at our grave.

May we rest in peace.


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One Comment on “A Broken Body”

  1. kesehatan Says:

    “fine never been better” is just people say, not at the reality 🙂

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