Welcome to the world Baby Boy


Today is the Fourth of July. A day we celebrate our country’s birthday. This is also a day at my house we remember my son’s birthday. He was born just before midnight on the fourth.  I will always remember that day. He was our first so that meant that every thing that happened that day was our first time.

Our doctor was off on his farm celebrating the fourth.

He said, “I’ll be there in plenty of time so go to the hospital. They will keep me a breast to what is happening.”

The hospital was a small medical building in Indianola, MS. If that does not ring a bell find, the Mississippi Delta and in the Northwest corner of the state lies Indianola.

For twelve hours, my wife had called me names I hadn’t even heard during my tour of service. One minute she was screaming for me to leave the room and the next she was demanding to know why I left her.

The nurses assured me that this would all pass as soon as the baby came. Toward the end, I don’t even think they believed it.

About 11:00 that night, the doctor walked in. His T-shirt was nasty and there was cow manure on his boots. When he shook my hand, I could smell alcohol on his breath. I started to ask if he possibly had another drink in the car. I could have certainly used one by then.

He assured me everything was fine , “The  first one always takes just a little longer.”  He went in to check on Pam and returned shortly to the hall.

“She is just about ready. The timing couldn’t be better either. I got another one next-door ready to make its day view also.”

With in minutes Pam was rolled out of one room and a young black woman was rolled out the room just up the hall. Back then, no one was allowed in the delivery room itself. All I saw was two moaning women being pushed through two huge swinging doors.

About fifteen minutes to twelve the nurse came out with a baby all wrapped in a blanket.

“Here’s your new son Mr. Simmons.”

I looked into the blanket and ask if my wife was ok at the same time.

“She’s fine, you can see her in a few minutes.”

“Nurse that’s not my baby.”

“I don’t know about that but it is your wife’s.” 

“No, that’s not what I mean. This baby belongs to the black woman that went in with my wife.”

 “Mr. Simmons, This is the baby the doctor handed me.”

 “No ma’am my baby aint’ black. This baby belongs to those other folks.”

 “You’re serious aren’t you?”

 “I sure am.”

“Mr. Simmons they all look that color when they first come into the world. Now go over there and look in that window. I am going to take him and place him in a crib where you can see him. He will start lighting up with in a few minutes.”

 She thought she was out of hearing distance when she passed another nurse.

 “You want believe what that guy standing back there just said.”

 I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation but when she finished telling her tale, I certainly could hear the two of them laughing at my ignorance.

 Have a great fourth and don’t eat too much.

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One Comment on “Welcome to the world Baby Boy”

  1. CHIA YH Says:

    Is it true that everyone is born blacker than we eventually become?

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