If you don’t think we are between a rock and a hard place thinks about this.

Government at every level is worse than broke. Our currency, the US dollar, is hemmorrhaging legitimacy.

Inability to service old debt at all levels or incur new debt.

Bad (toxic) debt lurking off balance sheets everywhere.

The housing bubble fiasco is far from over.

Unemployment rising implaccably. So-called “consumers” unable to consume consumables.

Crucial energy import supply lines fragile. Food supply subject to energy problems and climate abnormalities.

A world full of other societies who would enjoy watching us fail and suffer.

Have a real nice day now.


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One Comment on “WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT????”

  1. Wiley Says:

    Read something on the internet tha made me laff. Sence ACLU is wanting to do away with Christmas send them a Christmas card. They will not be able to tell if it si a donation or what. ACLU 125 Broad ST. 18 th Floor Ny,Ny 10004

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