Fall Night

I maybe stuck in October for a day or so.  My birthday is in October.  Maybe that is why I like it.

I took a walk this warm October night

Hoping a ghost, I would catch sight

I looked up and the stars shined so beautifully bright

The moon had not yet rose this night

Suddenly I froze

I was scared to the tip of my toes

What was that eerie sound?

Slowly I looked down; it was only my old hound

Then appeared two eyes of red

Surely this had rose from the dead

Oh, I thought I wish I were home in bed

It moved ever so slow, was it a troll

My stomach began to roll

Suddenly I was frozen in my track

I could not will myself to turn back

I suddenly saw a knife

Would this be the end of my life?

I blinked, and then I knew it was only my wife

She so softly spoke, “It is only I honey

“Do you possibly have a little money?”

All I could say was hello my wife

She softly spoke, “goodbye” as she swung the knife

With these sweet words, she ended my life

Let this be a lesson

Don’t enter the woods in October without your Smith and Wesson

If you do the ghost, you crave to hear go boo

May wind up being you

A wife that you thought so true

May feel in October just a little blue

She will smile without ever giving a clue

Then when you least expect it she will stab you with a blade of blue

I must go now for I hear the bells of hell

I am sure the devil can’t wait to hear this tale

Good by sweet life

Oh, why did I marry such a witch for a wife?

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