What is the big deal with snow?  What does a little frozen water do to our brains?  I am sure Yankees don’t get as worked up about it as we do.

 The other night we got a little of the white stuff here at the house.  First, we began looking out the back door every time an advertisement came on TV from about 6:00 to it finally arrived at 9:00.

 It wasn’t much more than flurries.  Yet I still felt the need to go outside and stick my finger in it trying to get a measurement.  My wife actually went out in her pjs and took a couple of pictures.

 Now it isn’t as if we haven’t seen snow before.  In fact, Pam grew up in Indiana.  Still it is something magical about it.

 Be honest, don’t you enjoy a nice snow day from time to time.

 At my house, we do all sorter dumb things when it snows and we can’t go to work.  We suddenly get a craving for soup.  We often uncork a bottle of wine not only in the middle of the week but also often in the middle of the day.

Snow always causes us to get the long forgotten Monopoly game and Chess board out.

I just simply don’t understand it.  Snow maybe the only in convince that I welcome in my life.

Any way I will end with these words.

 Let it snow let it snow.


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