Guys, sorry I think I skipped Thanksgiving. Allow me to back up a little and place something here for that great day.

As for me, I had a great Thanksgiving. Plenty of family and food, to bed early and to work the next day. The wife was off and went shopping on Friday.

 Here is something for turkey day. Direct from my warped brain to your eyes.

What is Bambi had a gun?

Would all the hunters run?

What if the turkey had an axe?

Would humans suddenly wax?

What if the gobbler said to the hen?

“I am going to the pen.

“Its Thanksgiving and we should have a man,

“Now go to the kitchen and prepare a pan.

“I want you to cook him golden tan.

“Make sure there is lots of juice in the pan.

 “Oh Dear, you know how I like my man.”

What if the hen said to the gobbler?

“Dear I invited Bambi.”

“Oh great Hone, Thanks giving wouldn’t be the same without her.”

What if Bambi had a gun?

What if the turkey had an axe?

A belated happy Thanksgiving.


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