Jesus Loves You

My sister gave me the privilege of writing a small piece for her church bulletin. I thought I might share the original today.

I have wrote a few articles, some appeared in news letter and such, several pieces for web sites, I even wrote and published a novel (Bubba Jones) and a short story in a Christmas book. I must say this was my first time to write a church bulletin.

Thanks Sis

Jesus Loves You

As you set in the pew this morning, I have both good news as well as bad news for you.

I’ll share the good news first.

As of this moment, you are no longer under any obligation to take care of your kids. You read it right. You are off the hook.

Now for the bad news. As of this very moment Gods is no longer obligated to take care of you.

Are you thinking even if you aren’t any longer obligated to take care of your kids you are anyway? After all, you love them. You most likely would lay your own life down for them.

Now you know how God feels. No obligations just lots of love.

Why don’t you share this little tad bit with someone, Monday. Just stop someone and say Jesus loves you.

I did, I don’t know you, but I still took the time to write you.

Think about it, if the preacher has to do it by himself, you will be mad because he wants a raise on his car allowance.

Go ahead, practice on the big ugly guy setting over there. The one that looks like he doesn’t want to be there. The one that is thinking, “Aint nobody better come over here talking about Jesus loves me.”

He is the one that really needs to hear it. Church is for the hurting not the ones that feel good. Next week it might be your turn.

Didn’t that feel good?

Gary Simmons

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