Christmas Season

When I was a little kid living in the country Christmas went on forever. It not only took along time to become Christmas day but the season started for me before Thanksgiving.

Somewhere in early November, my Uncle Jimmy the rural mail carrier would bring the Spiegel Christmas Wish Book. For you young ones out there all the catalog companies put out a special Christmas edition back then.

For the next few days, I wouldn’t go any where without that book. By the time the Sears and Roebuck book made it, I had memorized every toy in the Spiegel.

I would spend from the day the Sears came in to Thanksgiving staring and dreaming at the two books. I would almost be surprised by Turkey day. My ever thought was focused on those two books.

The Monday after Thanksgiving my mama would tell me to circle every thing I wanted in one of the books. For some reason everything had to come from one book.

For the next two or three days I would study and figure which book held my Christmas. The Sears always won out. It was not better. It simply held more of the colored pages.

Finally, I would check off about half of the book and return it to my mother. She would look at all the check marks and laugh.

“Now go circle the ten you want most. This would take at least another day. Christmas only came once a year and I had to make it count.

When I took it back, the laugh was replaced by a smile.

“X out five of them.”

Later that afternoon I would be back hoping that I had made the right decision.

“Alright, we’ll see what Santa might be able to mustard this year. By the way, out of the five which one do you really, really want the most?

I could normally make that decision on the spot.

Then the first Friday night of December would arrive, My Dad would come home early that day and gather my mother sister and me up. We were on our way to town to see the Christmas parade.

I’ll finish this tomorrow. I don’t want to keep you tied up too long.

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