Big Christmas Sales and Rants

The story I am about to tell is true. If you think about it, you may have experienced something similar yourself.

Back in August of this year a Jewry store here in town announce that they just bought a huge amount of Jewry from a national bankrupt company. The owner went on TV as well as the radio announcing that the prices on this stock would be the lowest in the stores history.

One example was that they had beautiful multi carat diamond rings at an unheard of price of $1000.00

Pretty good deal wouldn’t you say?

The first of October he came back with another ad. This time he was discounting the entire stock and additional 10%.

$1000.00 already historical low price
X 10% extra discount
900.00 new prices. Of course, some poor dude paid a $1000.00 thinking he was getting a historical low price. How you do, you think he feels now.

Wednesday before Thanksgiving the store owner was back on the air announcing that you could still get the 10% off and now for Black Thursday you could take another 50% off the new marked down price.

Let us do the math,

$1,000.00 historical low price
-$100.00 for additional savings
900.00 new prices
50% Black Thursday pricing.
$450.00 new price.

This is the historical low price minus 10% extra discount minus 50% black Friday pricing. How do you think the man felt that paid $1000.00 for historical low price?

In mid December, the store-owner is back. He is now announcing that you can take the additional 10% off the original historical price and the 50% off for Black Friday and now for a limited time another 50% off the totally discounted price for their annual Christmas sale. Again, let us do the math.

$1000.00 Historical low
X 10% additional savings
X 50% Black Friday
X 50% Annual Christmas sale
$225.00 is the new price. A savings of $775.00. That is a total discount of 77.5% from the original price. How do you think the poor guy that paid a $1000.00 for a historical low price ring feels now?

I really would like to known how much the original price was before the historical low pricing.

Fast Forward to the day after Christmas

It is after Christmas. I don’t know this but based on what I do know. It would be my guess that the following will happen. The store-owner will be back on the airways announcing an additional 50% off the final pricing for an after Christmas clearance sale.

If he does this, it will allow the ring to sale for $112.50. The scary part is there still must be a profit in the price or he would not spend the money to advertise it.

If sometime in January you hear of an every day Joe, going in a Jewry store and doing bodily harm to a Jewry store-owner do not be surprised.

By the way, if this scenario plays out as it has so far the poor guy will have paid $887.50 more for his ring than the guy that bought at the final clearance.

Who knows how much the poor fellow paid that bought before the historical mark down.

Just think twice before you save all that money on your next gift.

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2 Comments on “Big Christmas Sales and Rants”

  1. angie Says:

    this was so funny and gave me a good laugh! Thanks Daddy!

  2. There are so many purities and cuts of diamond that affect the price. The man that paid the 1000 dollars probably got a better cut and quality.

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