Happy Birthday Jesus

A friend of mine’s granddaughter once said,” Life is not funny when you aint’ got no money.”

That was a true statement coming from such a young child.

This year with all the economic news on TV and our own wallets Christmas does not seem very funny. Actually, I should say it does not seem very merry.

Think about it a moment. Christmas didn’t start very merry to begin with.

There was a young pregnant girl with her husband unable to find a place to spend the night. There was a birth in a nasty barn.

I am sure if you had used the word merry to Mary, she would have been tempted to sin at you a little at the time.

We all know that through that dark time came the light of the world. Maybe we should stop looking at the world this Christmas and spend a little more time on the real reason for the season.

We should all try at least ever now and then to say, “Happy birthday Jesus.”

Then maybe Christmas would take on its merry again.

Christmas is not about the gifts you are going to receive or send but the one that you received over two thousand years ago.

Happy Birthday Jesus

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One Comment on “Happy Birthday Jesus”

  1. Jim Thornber Says:

    Mary may not have been “merry,” but she did sing a song that magnified the Lord. Mary, in many ways, understands the true meaning of Christ among us.



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