I thought I would do a little ranting about the health care bill this morning.

Yes, I know it is Christmas and I left my story in the middle about going to see Santa. Didn’t that many people read it any way. I will pick it up and finish before Christmas.

Let us get back to the health care bill. I personally think we should throw the whole thing out the window. It is stupid and too big and way to costly. Now that I have agreed with most of my conservative friends allow me to go a step further.

First, I believe that if we can fight two wars, we can make it possible for everyone to go to the doctor.

I know many people feel if you can’t afford health care, you should simply set down and die. Just about, everyone that I know that believes that has insurance or has coverage under some plan.

Next, I know most people think we should not take care of illegal aliens.

First, it is a lot easier to say let someone die you don’t know. Than someone you do.

Second, I would like to see what was said when you tuned in to CNN and there in the parking lot of the emergency room lays a Mexican man having a heart attack and his wife having a baby in the snow. It is one thing to say no health care for illegal aliens. It is something very different when you see it happening.

Steak most likely would not taste so good if you had to wade through the slaughterhouse to get to the dinning room.

So don’t go feeding me that bull about what we should and should not do.

What we should do is go back to how it was when I was a kid. We need to build well ran charity hospitals that are funded by churches, charities, local and state government and the federal government. Another thing is that none of the fore mentioned should have any more or less say in the running of these institutions. Another word, give because it is needed and not because you want to control something.

I see no reason to graft this program in any way into Medicaid, Medicare, or Blue Cross. The insurance companies are already big enough. In addition, this would eliminate about a trillions claims and denials a month. This simple act in itself would save in the millions.

The hospital should state clearly on the front of the building that it is a charity hospital.

If you want to beat society out of a few bucks, let your neighbors see how you are doing it. I am sure someone would be happy to blow the whistle on you.

Maybe even a nice write-up about people with positive cash flow that use these hospitals in the paper each week. You know a big colored photo and all.

Who knows there might not be any shame left in this country? I for one believe that there are though. I even believe most people want to help the needy. They just don’t want it stolen from them.

If the Federal government has a problem with any of this tell the congress that this is a program to help a foreign country get healthier were they can attack us. With that, said they will be in with no questions asking.

Here is another problem I can solve.

Make it unlawful for teens to have sex any were except at the welfare offices and the labor wards at the state ran hospitals. Bet that would get most of the little hot natured girls cooled off. Most likely, it wouldn’t matter to the none caring boys that don’t plan on being around any way. Still it might cause the words “I love you” not to be as exciting.

Merry Christmas

May God bless each one of us in America. We all need it were we know it or not.


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2 Comments on “HEALTH CARE”

  1. Jerry Clark Says:

    Enjoyed your blogs. Really liked the one on “Happy Birthday Jesus!” If more people would realize it is Jesus Birthday we’d all be more merry and appreciate the true gift that we have received.

  2. Jerry Clark Says:

    Charity Hospital is the way to go.

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