It doesn’t make any different if you are ready are not it will be here this very day next week.

Now most people agree that Jesus was most likely born in late spring or early summer. What we celebrate is a catholic holiday. Christ Mass. Something to compete with the other religions of the day, paganism to be exact.

I am plain old Baptist myself so I don’t feel I should be held down to 25 December ever year. I say you should be able to celebrate Christmas on whatever day and month you have some extra money.

One family might celebrate on July and another Saturday after Thanksgiving. That way you could scoop up the Black Friday buys.

We would drive that poor Jeweler crazy that is always trying to have a sale for some holiday.

Think about it at any given time you might drive through your neighborhood and see a mechanical Santa standing in fake snow waving at you.

I can tell you really don’t like this idea too much. Do you?

Have a great day.

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