Dear Congress and President Obama,

I love the new health care bill. I think it is the best thing sense sliced bread. I think it is great that some states get extra pork. All the other ad-on just make it better.

Today I heard stock in insurance companies were up. You see they are getting a good deal out of this also.

I believe everyone should have great coverage. I am talking from cradle to grave. Just like the old auto workers use to have.

I am thrilled that congress has spent all this time and effort getting this bill through. I am so proud they would stay up late just to help us.

I wish you could have passed even more benefits. I wish some of you democratic senators had not been so hard to please. You see that way we could have poured billions more in this bill.

Ms Nancy, I am hoping your committee can hurry up and get this bill agreed upon with you friends in the senate. I do not want to wait a day longer than I have to for this wonderful coverage. Heck, if you can think of any thing else or any more pork add it to the bill.

Please, allow me to say, “Job well done you wonderful folks in Washington.

Oh there is one little thing though. I do not want to pay for this load of crap and I hear China is not too crazy about the idea either.

Now please make free coverage free for everyone. Another word don’t raise my taxes, fees or health premiums and don’t borrow from my children’s future.

Your friend,

Gary, the idiot that help elect some of you.

PS It want happen again.

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  1. Gary, I agree that this bill is full of none valuable things (or so we are told). But a great thinker such as yourself has to know there is something wrong with the current system we have now and something has to be done. If there is any one to blame for this it is BIG BUSINESS wheather we get good health care or not they win. And for a politician to proclaim that they must stop a bill to slow down a President bofore he becomes too popular is crazy we here the spin doctors on both sides we listened for eight years as the same type of political garbage went on. I for one am tired of hearing people complain about how much it cost to go to the Doctor or how much it cost to get their medication or how they had to file BK after child, spouse or parent became sick or they lost their insurance coverage beause it was no longer a good value for the insurance company, when some of us pay for years and never use the insurance. Yes I too am very proud of them that they care enough to take the time to pass a bill that would raise me and the china mans taxes what I am not proud of is that this country is so selfish that we only look at things as good when the benifit us we only want to be charitable when we will get something back. Almost like some of us Christians we only pray for what we want, we only believe in the part of Christianty that makes our life worth living, we only think we need help when we are in trouble. So when one of these politicians that dont want health care reform has this problem come to his door lets see if his tune doesn’t change when the millions they have stored up from these big businesses has to be spent on a loved one and their status in life changes I wonder will their mind set change.Then what would it be worth to them I would venture to say more than 850 billion $2833.00 per person over 10 years $283.00 per year $23.61 per month .79 cent per day based on 300 million people Sally Fields ask for .39 cent a day to help a child in a third world country and we all say “ah” but to help our own we can not. This is not in addition to what you already pay it is in spite of. So call the children at UMC Medical center and tell them you didn’t have any change.

    • gary Simmons Says:

      My Brother
      As always I agree with you in some degree. In fact I have stated as much in this blog before.

      I only ask a few things. How are we going to pay for it and why did it take 3000 pages and hundreds of special deals.

      To me its not about the bill. It is more about the greedy people on both sides that wrote it and tried to stop it.

      Also allow me to add this. If they had properly paid off the republicans everyone would have been on board.

      I can’t help but feel this bill was written for the benefit of Washington and not the poor or needy.

      They simply used them as always to paint the pig. I still believe underneath it there is still a pig.

      You may convince me of a lot but the folks in Washington on either side has our best interest at heart is not one of them.

  2. Dwayne Gammage Says:

    I agree that the paying off was underhanded, but convince me that there was nothing in this bill that not a single republician could back.???Or every democrate liked.?? Washington at its best/worest and you and I and the hold country caught in the middle. As a minister I am finding out that people want you to lead them where they want to go not where they need to go, or now that you are pastor just set back and be quite while we keep on doing what we were doing or we will get us a new one. Jesus encounted the same problem with the religious groups of his day. They put the killer in jail but once Jesus started to change their teaching they decided they would rather have the killer than Him. In no way putting Obama as Jesus but to show the way people treat change when it affects their income and way of doing business.

  3. gary Simmons Says:


    You are getting me just little off center here.

    You seem to be implying that this is a Obama thing or a black and White thing or possibly a party thing.

    First you are right I don’t like Obama. To be fair though I didn’t like either Bush nor did I like Bill Clinton.

    I never saw what was so great about Ronald Reagen. I thought he should have stayed a cowboy in the movies.

    Jimmy Carter in my humble opinion was a idiot. LBJ made more off the war than any other person in this country.

    I wasn’t old enough to vote when Kennedy was in office so I want comment on him. Ford isn’t worth the time it takes to type his name.

    My friend I have no use for a government that has out grown its usefulness.

    Every time I have ever voted in a presidential race I have cast my vote for the lesser of two evils.I don’t trust the government or the people that make it up. I don’t care what party color or any thing else.

    Just maybe my dear friend you should have spent more time listening to your Grandfather. If memory serves me well he and I saw government basically the same.

    Something that would give you a dollar and take three in return.

    I will never forget you telling me when the government wanted to drill him hole for free.

    He turned it down because he knew that there was most likely a catch.

    Your grand dad was a wise man.

    Your buddy


  4. Dwayne Gammage Says:

    Gary, THANKS I needed to be reminded of that

    quote by Papa. Let us not forget this health

    care bill has little to do as for now with you

    and I. But ther are people out there that

    really needs a change in our current system.

    But you and I also know it will only get worse

    until our Father comes.

  5. gary Simmons Says:


    I agree with you for the most part. Isn’t that how we have always been. We both think we should go to church but we have to discuss in detail which road to take. I think that is one of the many reasons our friendship has lasted so long.

    Yes everyone needs health care. Yes, the system is broken.

    Yes we need to do something about it.

    I will leave you with this one thought.

    Who originally build the Methodist, Baptist and St. Domenic hospital.

    The government will never be successful handing the work that was set a side for the bride.


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