I know it is Christmas Day. It even feels like Christmas day. What I don’t understand is why does it feel so much like Sunday. I am setting here telling myself that I am not late for church but it seems like it.

For weeks now there have been talk of this day. Their have been money shortages and stress and some worry. I haven’t worried much at all. I leave that for my wife. I hate worry and become very angry at myself when I find that I have become involved in the process in any way or fashion.

Any way today is the day. By 6:00 tonight it will be over and time to start thinking of New Years and then before long Christmas 2010.

It want end with a great pop or bang. In stead I will be setting in the living room by myself when I realize that all the kids are gone and it simply ended.

At my house each year Christmas seems to die a quick and painless death. One moment it is here and the next it is gone.

We take our decorations down soon after Christmas day each year. By New Years it want even be a grave to visit.

Their is one thing I can’t help but wonder at this time each year.

What will my life be like this time next year. Who will still be in it and who will be gone. Then it comes to me slowly. That age-old question. Will I be here next year and did I get all that I should have out my last Christmas.

Merry Christmas and I hope for you and yours many more merry and healthy Christmases.

May God bless you each and every one.



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