If 2009 didn’t bring you everything, you wanted don’t worry. 20010 is just around the corner.

I know one good thing is going to happen in 2010 already. The Saints are going to have home field advantage.

My question is. What happen to Y2K? Has it been 10 years now? I remember thinking the world most likely wouldn’t still be around. Oh, well, I suppose God doesn’t see things through my eyes.

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One Comment on “DIDN’T LIKE 2009”

  1. Jerry Clark Says:

    I understand about the last chocolate covered cherry. To me the end of the Holidays, Thanksgiving and then Christmas is when the homemade cornbread dressing is goine. My wife makes enough to feed an army and I could eat it for dinner by itself. Why is it we only have her dressing Thanksgivig & Christmas? It’s not like we can’t have any other time of the year. It’s not some that you can only get this time of year. Oh well, I guess that’s one reason why it’s so good is only having it during the holidays. Have a HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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