On the eve before New Years Eve, two things happen to me.

First I finished my read through the bible, bible. I remember starting that project a year ago and thinking it would be impossible to read the whole thing in a year. I did it though. To be honest I would not recommend it to any one else. I prefer to read what is on my or heart that day. I often read the book of Ecclesiastes three or four times in a year. Everyone has their special place they like to spend time.

Reading the way I have this year seems to put you in a discipline that I am simply not comfortable with.

The other thing that happen was my cousin phoned me.

He invited me to a family reunion in March. We talked almost an hour. He was and is my favorite cousin. The odd thing is that I actually for the first time in my life wanted to go to the reunion.

This is my sixtieth year and I suppose age has finally caught up with me. I normally bristle at the simple thought of huge gatherings. I would guess that I have close to sixty, first cousins. My dad was one of twelve kids.

Maybe for the first time I just wanted to see all the branches that sprung from my grandparents. I know for the first time I craved the idea of seeing their old church and visiting their grave.

You must be getting old when the graveyard has an appeal to you. I suppose when you are closer to the age of the dead than the living you become more interested in graveyards.

Any way I am sure I will go. Then on the other hand, March is a long way away. This melancholy may have totally worn off by then. Leaving me with my normal I don’t have time and I want remember a tenth of those people.

If I do, it will surely be my loss.

Have a happy and safe New Year. I will be back on the first.

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