Praying For The Saints

O.K. stupid question time.

Does God have a favorite football team? A special little league team or any other favorite team.

I love the Saints and have for most of my life. For years, they never won much at all. In fact, I came close to putting a paper sack on head and watch them on TV one year. I know there must be people out there that have prayed for years for them to go to the Super Bowl. I also know there are people that pray for the other team. I know God is no respecter of man so what happens when all these competing prayers get up there.

 I think he smiles at Jesus and says, “With all they have gong on and all the problems there are in the world they are praying over a ball game.

If you have never prayed at a game. You most likely have never had a kid batting or running with a ball. I have heard my wife say, ” please, please, just let him or them score. ”

I use to laugh and say, there is most likely someone on the other side saying please, please don’t let them score. I pray about many things. In fact, I pray about most things. Still I don’t pray about ball games. To me it is just a line I don’t cross.

Still I wish God would see His way to let my beloved Saints win the Super Bowl this one time. If he doesn’t it will be OK to. Still just think The Saints winner of the 2010 Super Bowl.

Then on the other hand, there are many people that are convinced Hell will freeze over when it happens. If I were to pray, I would say. Please let them go all the way and stoke up the flames a little higher just to prove the point.

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3 Comments on “Praying For The Saints”

  1. angie Says:

    ha! VERY funny!!!

  2. Ronnie Berry Says:

    Gary, that was a great piece. I too have been a lifelong Saints fan. When I was younger, I really let it get me down when they would reel me in just to let me go. As I’ve gotten older, I take the wins and losses in stride, but I have to admit; this year has been special. As to praying for them, I wouldnt go that far; except to ask that they play their best, and no one on either team gets hurt.

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