I have seen many strange things happen this year. Things I never imagined.

I have seen my beloved Saints play thirteen games in a row without a lost. I have seen people that have never had any respect for them mumble that they might go to the Super Bowl.

I turned sixty this year. When I was young, I could not even imagine being sixty. It was simply something my brain could not compute. I have no idea when I thought I would die but living to be sixty just simply was not in my future. Thank God, not only did I make it in one piece. I am healthy enough to enjoy it. Now that is a blessing.

I saw a black man become president in the last twelve months. When I was young a black man couldn’t even drink at certain water fountains. I only wish one could have been elected I liked. Still more people liked him than didn’t. That is what America is all about.

To be honest with you I don’t like his ideas on politics. He seems like a good guy. Like someone, you could argue with for a while and at the end agree to disagree. I have many friends like that. They come in all colors.

I never thought I would see what we consider an old man retire from football, renegotiate and come back. Then retire again and come back still another year. He did this and managed to bring his team to New Orléans this Saturday.

Nothing-personal Mr. Favre but I hope you lose.

Let’s not forget Haiti. I never thought I would see that and I hope never to again. Seeing that reminds me of how the end times are going to be. If you don’t get a wake up call from that disaster, you may have a problem.

Last but certainly not least. I never would have thought that I would see a republican win Ted Kennedy’s home town or his seat.

As many strange things as I have seen in the last fifteen or sixteen months I have a feeling there are even stranger ones on the way.

Have a great day this could be your last.


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