Well, I haven’t told a blonde joke in a while so I feel as though I need to share at least one.

A red head went to the doctor and said, “I hurt all over.  There isn’t one place on my body that I can touch without being in terrible pain.”

The doctor said, “That is medical impossible.  You can’t hurt everywhere.”

“I do.”

“Show me.”

The woman touched her own shoulder and screamed with pain.  Next, she touched her head and then her foot and lastly her knee.  Each time she screamed with pain. The doctor set looking at her in amazement.  He thought and rubbed his chin for several seconds.

“You aren’t a true red head are you Ms.”

“No I am blonde but I got tired of all those terrible blonde jokes and died it red.  Why, what has that to do with this pain I am in?”

Ms. Your finger is broken.

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