Here are the top words I used that you liked the most.

  1. Supper- I am amazed at how many different meals are called supper.  Breakfast still seems safe the best I can make out.
  2. Percolator- lots of people heard of it many still knew people that used it.
  3. Chimney- people still use them and had good and bad memories of them growing up
  4. Emergency brake – I got comments from around the world on this one.  Every one had their own name for it.
  5. Dimmer switch- many remembered it and several thought they should have never moved it.
  6. Rat Fink (Have you ever been called one.  Don’t answer out loud)
  7. Brassiere – Many different opinions on this old word.

Now for many words that you sent in.  Some I have not heard in years and others I have never heard.

  1. Inner Tube –  Two people sent in on this one
  2. Castro oil  –  I am making a face just typing it
  3. Parlor games – I was raised poor, no parlor for me.
  4. Kick the can – I could afford this one and enjoyed it often
  5. The Twist  – Chubby Checker – Did this in Jr. High
  6. Drive Inn – A great place to take a date
  7. Penny Candy – also penny matches – I was very young
  8. 45 records – Early teens for me
  9. Root Beer Fizzier – I hated them
  10. Hop Scotch – My sisters played it.
  11. Jacks – Wasn’t fast enough
  12. Spin a top – Right up there with a yoyo.  Do they still make either?


  1. Britches – many of you mentioned this.  I still wear them.
  2. Pedal pusher – Have they come back in style with another name.
  3. Clam diggers – I think these were pants not sure.  Someone get me straight.
  4. Clothesline – They were in use before dryers.  It was deadly or at least very hurtful if you ran into one running as fast as you could.
  5. Unmentionables – Oh the joys of the Sears and Roebuck Catalog
  6. Chiffarobe – A cabinet with a hanging area.  A place to store hats, and mirror to dress or use to shave.  It also had a small area to lay watches and such.  This is before the modern closet, as we know it today.  ( I could not find this in spell check.)

Health issues or natural cycles of life.  (I best not comment on these.)

  1. Rabbit died (I will on this though.  You were pregnant; this was a real medical test.  No pee on the stick back then, something had to die.  It might be you if you weren’t married.  Your daddy would at least threaten it.)
  2. monthly
  3. cardinal red
  4. fell off a roof
  5. The curse –  (mentioned a number of times)


1. bushels


Other words submitted

  1. coal shute
  2. shoulder bolder
  3. picture tube
  4. radio tube – I remember when you could check and buy them at the 7/11 store
  5. baby carriage – Today’s stroller
  6. Steamer Trunk – People make coffee tables out of them today
  7. Send a wire
  8. Observation Car –Don’t they still have these???
  9. Bumper Jack – The last one I used had to be in early 70’s
  10. boondoggle
  11. Lollygag
  12. Three on a tree – Shift was behind the steering wheel.  Like an automatic today except it was manual shift.
  13. Valise –  A suitcase
  14. Davenport – Had several mentions- I sold furniture for three years.  I was there two before I knew what this word meant.  I grew up using couch and now most call it a sofa.

Well folks I have lollygagged long enough.  I am going to pack my valise, go set on the davenport, and wait for a hitch.

By the way, if you have made it this for check the following link for a free chapter of my book.  Amazon has cut the price to the bone.  You can get there by simply clicking the picture on the right.


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