Rainy Days

I love rainy days but I hate rainy weeks.  I am not exactly when to say enough is enough.  I hate it when it rains in the morning and afternoons when I have to drive back and forth to work.  On the other hand, there is nothing I love more than for it to rain when I can sleep in.

Just think about it, the wind is howling and the rain is coming down by the buckets.  The alarm goes off and you remember that today is your day off.  You put a crack in the window, and find that warm comfortable spot.  While you in that thought, allow me to add a little more.

The wind chimes are blowing and the gutter of water from the roof is hitting the garbage can you didn’t bring in.  While we at it lets add just a little rolling thunder in the distant.  No lightning that would be a distraction.

The breeze coming through the window is almost cold but the covers are nice and warm.  Your dog that has no desire to get out in this and jumps up and snuggles up.  There is no one else in the house.

You may lie here all day if it chooses to rain all day.

Then the phone rings and the dog start barking.  Your mate is on the phone with car trouble and needs you to come get them.  The dog suddenly decides its time to pee. you get up and find the floor is cold.  Bam, a bolt of lightning suddenly comes out of nowhere and hits a pole out side.  The only light in the house now is the flames from the transformer.

Now you  have to pee.  You catch your little toe on the edge of the door.  In all the excitement, the dog can’t hold it any longer and squats in the floor.

You curse the dog and push him out the door.  You barely make it to the bathroom.

When you get to car, you find that you left the lights on last night.  The rain is now pouring .The reason you did was it was setting in the driveway under the light and you didn’t notice.

Guess you will be waiting at least forty-five minutes for the man to come from AAA.

You say to yourself , I have forty-five minutes.  You go jump back in the bed for the best thirty-minute nap you have ever had.

I sure love rainy days

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