Ever wonders what Jesus really looked like?  Ever just, need to feel his presents.

I have a couple of suggestions.  Find someone that is ever day looking and is unpopular and share lunch with him or her.  Take the time to listen and be interested in what they have to say.

Do you feel the need to hold Jesus’ hand?  Shake a hand of a homeless person.  Look him in the eye as you treat him as an equal.  Don’t make him ask if you can spare some change.  Happily reach deep in your pocket and give until its hurt a little.  Don’t worry that he might use it wrong.  That is between him and God.  I didn’t say make a regular habit of giving where it does no good.  I am simply saying you don’t always know.

You want to get so close to Jesus that you smell his breath.  Smell the breath of a little baby.  Jesus dwells in them.

Want to witness the pain the Savior felt as he hung from that old cross grasping for his last breath.  Go to the cancer ward, set with a patient long forgotten by his family and friends.  One that is dying of lung cancer and is in their last days.

Do you want to give the greatest gift of all?  Find the most sin filled person you know. Tell him that Jesus loves him.  Then explain in a non-confrontational way that you also do.  This might be your own best friend. No one needs to hear the message more than that person.

Want to live as Jesus lived.  Be nice, be kind to everyone you meet.  Don’t expect any thing back.  Pray for the sick and weak.  Pray for the proud.  Visit someone in jail. Love though neighbor and attach no strings to that love.

Nothing written here in it self is hard yet the world and even the church seem to struggle with it each day.  My prayer for you and myself is that we continue to mature and keep trying to be more like Jesus.  You see that is what it is all about.  He set the example.  We just need to follow.

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