A man had a dream. In this dream, he went to hell. Upon arrival, he found himself in the lobby of an old and rank smelling hotel lobby. As he stood there, he began to smell food mingled with the stench of death.  He heard loud profanity and what sounded like brawling.  It came from behind a closed door just off the way.

Thinking he had nothing to loose since he had already gone to hell he made his way to the door and opened it. Setting at a huge table was dozens of people. Some he was sure he had known from life. On the table were mountains of edibles.  Every rich food that one could dream sat on the table. Still the starving people setting there had yet another problem.  Made into the end of their arms were long extended eating utensils.  The arms would only slightly bend. This caused them to be unable to maneuver the food from the plate to their mouths.

Often they would drop these precious morsels onto the one setting beside them causing a furry of obscenities and fighting. Still, they set starving in the mist of a banquet hall. They were so close to perishing that the scent of death drifted from their bloated bodies. As we, all know hell is forever and no one escapes. Desiring the freedom death would bring them they could only set on its threshold in agony.

The man now sickened by the sight he was witnessing rolled over in his sleep. He found himself in heaven. This time he stood in a beautiful hotel lobby and again there was another door with loud sounds coming from within.  However, these sounds were gleeful and ecstatic. Upon opening this door, he found people with the same problem as the ones in hell.  They also had their utensils permanently attached as hands and their arms were limited in how for they would bend. The only difference they chose to feed one another.

Now, you know it is our responsibility to serve one another. God made us this way and I personally would not want it any other way.

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