I must be getting old.  It snowed around 4 inches or so at my house today and I really didn’t get excited.  I think this is the first time in my life that the snow didn’t turn me into a kid.

We did however go to the grocery store and buy a few things Wednesday night.  For the most part, it was just too simply beat the crowds,

When I was a kid, just the mention of snow would wipe the store out of toilet paper and potatoes.  Don’t ask me why those two articles was so much in demand.  Maybe people use the bathroom more when it snows in Mississippi.

I can remember not being able to sleep the night before a supposedly snow.  That meant we didn’t go to school.

You have to take this in consideration. There is not one snowplow in the whole state.  In fact if it were it would most likely rust up from lack of use.

The most amazing thing about this snow was that the weatherman or should I say weather people got it right.  They said when it was going to get here and when it was going to leave.

I tip my hat to you Barbie on the six o’clock weather.  Goodness knows I have made enough fun of you over the years for missing it.

I use to say the only time it ever snowed in Mississippi was when the weatherman didn’t mention it.

Everyone around here gets excited about the snow when actually ice storms cause more problems.  Ice storms seem to be something that even gives our Yankee cousins problems.

Any way it will be in the 50’s Sunday and the white stuff will be only a distant memory.

I did get to take the day off.  That was nice.

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One Comment on “SNOW REPORT”

  1. Jerry Clark Says:

    I’m just glad the sun is out today and forcasted all week and maybe in the 60’s come Friday. May break out in a sweat. The snow was a senic Kodak moment, but I’m ready for Spring time. This Florida Cracker does not like the cold and this winter has been to cold. Think I’ll move to Central America and cater to US Tourist. At least they will have someone that speaks english and I can wear t-shirt, shorts and go bare foot year roung.

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