The above is the government removing snow

I am sick of politicians and politics. For many this is a new experience. For me its nothing new, I have been sick of the government since I drew my first check and realized someone had decide I needed help taking care of part of it.

Many people were upset that the whole Federal government shut down for almost a week. They talked about how much was lost due to lack of production.

I disagree. The government on any level never produces any thing. It only spends money. That is the function of government.

Now if Washington was closed for four days then they couldn’t pass any new laws for four days. For four whole days, I was safe.

I would vote to send them home paid for a month. During that time, no politician would be allowed on TV telling me how they plan to spend my money.

My hope for the year 2011 is that the Republicans take back the house and senate and that Obama vetoes everything they send to him.

Now that is what I call government at its best.

In this country, you have no choice about having your money spent. You can only decide who is going to spend it.

The democrats want to give it to the poor and needy. The Republican says the rich needs it.

Sarah Paline says she know more than either of the others. I like Sarah a lot but she most likely couldn’t find Rhode Island on a map. I will most likely vote for her. I don’t really care where Rhode Island is located.

The fact she can see Russia from her front porch doesn’t impress me either. I think I just like the way she talks. Besides she is a woman. I know she will know how to find a sale. That way I will get more for my money.

I have a good idea how to spend it my own self. After all, I made it. Still if I have to let someone else, it may as well be Sarah.

Hope you liked the snow plow. It took me forever to make it play on this site. Did it with no help from the government to. Still most likely that want stop them from sending me a bill.

Remember there is only one thing for sure, taxes. You might get caught up in the rapture and miss death.


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  1. shortbuswonderkid Says:

    Trust me on this, if there is a rapture, Sarah Palin won’t be going anywhere. Remember that when you vote.

  2. gary Simmons Says:

    I said I liked her more than the rest. I didn’t say I would be spending eternity with her.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. RebelSteve Says:

    Two things:

    One, ever notice how many (Actually most) conservative politicians are cast as “dumb” by the MSM (Main-Stream Media)? They do this by mainly by focusing and accentuating their verbal gaffs. The thing is, if anyone talks often enough, they’re eventually going to say something stupid. Liberal politicians, who’re are generally cast by the same MSM as intellectual giants, make the same number of idiotic statements (Or more) all the time, but their errors are either downplayed or ignored entirely.

    I think Sarah’s intellect has been greatly underrated by the media, but frankly, I’ll take a drooling fool who rules with a true conservative agenda over a left-wing ideologue Rhodes Scholar any day of the week.

    Two, be they Democrat or Republican, I want my government to STOP doling out taxpayer money to anyone and everyone with a hand out, and that includes welfare of all types, including corporate, and farm subsidies as well.

    Both parties use this as a way to “buy” votes and that’s just wrong on so many levels it’s not even debatable.

  4. gary Simmons Says:


    I agree with everything you just wrote. I think you implied that Sarah might make things better. I doubt it seriously.

    She to is a politician. It is simply in their nature to steal. Even Robin Hood who was loved and I imagine was a democrat was a thief when it was all said and done.

    I am not for sure but I imagine if you placed the Pope in public office he would start thinking the money was really his.

    It is the nature if the thing. I gotta stand on my original statement. I like Sarah for no other reason than she seems nice and down to earth.

    I also agree that they all make mistakes and the media hates her with a passion.

    That might be the biggest reason of all that I like her.

    There has to be something decent,in someone that is hated by that many demons.

    Let me say this in order of the people I don’t trust.

    Politicians – any size shape color or sex.

    News people – If their mouths are moving they are lying. Yes even Fox. They just happen to lie in away that I like.

    Last but not least the weather people.

    I even think Barbie is full of crap. She is cute and and gets pregnant a lot but she is full of crap.

    I only mentioned pregnant because it is harder to place a person on this list when they are pregnant. ( Barbie is my local weather lady. Quiet attractive and lies with the best of them.

  5. angie Says:

    I don’t understand your disgruntle problem with Barbie??? What does she lie about? Her job is obviously to give her “prediction” of the weather, but I never remember her stating, “this is the absolute truth, come hell or high water, we WILL receive 2″ of rain tomorrow.” I get your deal with the politicians, but I am a little confused with your beef with Barbie (and her pregnancies?)

  6. gary Simmons Says:

    I don’t dislike Barbie. Just because she is full of crap. Some of my best friends are full of crap. In fact most people think I am.

    What does bother me is that they take it a step further than predicting. Predicting is when you say I think or maybe or it looks like.

    They say things like the low tonight will be such and such or rain on the commute home in the afternoon.
    ( I have never met a commuter in MS.)

    The other thing that bugs me is that they never say I got it wrong yesterday,

    As for as Barbie getting pregnant. I just mentioned that because she does.

    Again out of all the weather people she is my favorite. I just think if I got it wrong as much as they do I would get fired.

    What if Wes only made it home every other trip. Would you say well you can’t expect him to hit the runway in Jackson every time. After all he hit the one in New Orleans dead center.

    No I would say you would want him to get it right every time.

    Another example the doctor missed the vain five times in a row.

    His answer well, I predict I will hit it the next time I try.

    I would imagine you would want him to get it right come hell or high water every time.

    When I am standing on the lot in the rain without a umbrella I don’t want to hear well she was close.

    Finally, as for as I am concerned. Run Barbie for president and let Sarah do the weather, Six of one and a half dozen of the other.

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