Not a lot to write about today.

I woke up and that is good. God is still control and that is great. The politicians think they are and that is funny. Barbie got the weather right. That is amazing. Sales are down that seems to have become normal. Prices are up and that is just my darn luck.

My wife is getting over the flu or something and that is a blessing. I am not ranting and raving about any thing. That is unusual. Lots of you are actually visiting this blog. That is unbelievable.

The snowplow is still running just below on the last blog. That is strange that any thing with government attached to it is still functioning, Joe Biden hasn’t said any thing stupid yet today. That doesn’t happen much. John McCain wiped the dinosaur poop off his shoes. It was about time.

Looks like Michelle Obama might be going on a diet of foot. I say that because lots of people think she put hers in her mouth. President Obama hasn’t pressed the wrong button yet. Think goodness he does not allow Joe close to them.

Finally, Sarah is as cute as a button and I most likely am going to vote for her for no other reason. I am tired of ugly people being in the White House. Yes, I think it is going to be a great day and yes, I Know I had more to say than I originally thought I did.

PS One last thing. To my friends that often correct my political correctness alone with my spelling and word use. Get over it. This after all is just a stupid blog. I have seen worse in the newspaper.


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2 Comments on “A GOOD DAY”

  1. justdc Says:

    lol…loved this ;D

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