Reader Strikes back with negative comments

Someone wrote me a letter the other day. I would paste it in the comments but it was rather long and some of it was closer to R than PG.

I will share a few lines though.

I am 36 and I love America. My father served in the military in the late 60’s. Back then as well as now there were people like you that bashed America and our leaders.

Another place he said the following.

If it is so bad here and all you want to do is complain why don’t you leave?

None of this bothered me much. This next line pissed me off.

I don’t see what gives you the right to complain.

Well I will answer you that here in this blog.

First, I might have met your dad in the 60’s. I was there myself. Maybe you would have gone but you were most likely to busy enjoying what someone else already bought for you. For that, I am happy.

The fact you think it would be best for me to leave the country. Well, I don’t mind you feeling that way. This is America. You can feel any way you like. Because so many people other than you have served.

What gives me the right to complain? I will tell you what. I have paid for that right in cash and time.

When I was born, my dad drove my mom and myself home. He did this in a car that he had paid sales tax on and then paid tax on the tag and then paid tax on the gas that was running it. He stopped and bought some milk and diapers for me. He paid tax on both.

Any money I received growing up the state took a certain amount of it for sales tax. Before I started school and after I left my dad paid school taxes. The fact the education was not worth much did not matter.

I started my first summer job when I was 14 years old. I worked for a $4.00 a day. The first Friday I got a check for $18.50. When I complained it was a $1.50 short they told me the $1.50 was tax and social security.

When I was 19, I was drafted. I had two years of my life taken no questions ask. That is something you wouldn’t know any thing about. Ask your daddy.

When I got married, they charged me a license fee. When I was old enough to drive, they charged me for the privilege. When I went to fast on a road I helped pay for they fined me. I bought a house they charged me real-estate tax. I leased a car they charged me usage tax. Years ago, when I smoked they charged me a cigarette tax. Back when I drank a beer they charge me an alcohol tax.

They even have the nerve to charge sales tax on the toilet paper I wipe my… Well, they charge a tax on it any way. Then they charge me a fee for both the water to flush it and then another for the flushing. I am not allowed to drill a well on place a septic tank.

They charge me for Medicare each payday,

When I can scratch enough money up to go to the movies, they charge me a tax on the ticket. When I bought my wife a wedding ring, they charged me a luxury tax. If I ever have enough money at one time to buy a big nice car, they have a special tax for that. If I have a dime when I die, they will tax it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not trying to figure out how to charge a stamp for the email you sent me.

I don’t have enough time or space to give you the other one thousand reason how I have paid for the privilege of complaining.

I will mention I have gone to five jury duties. Two I just came in every day for a week to set just in case they needed me. I am on commission. Jury duty means no pay for me.

My friend I may have not paid for everything in life but I certainly have paid for the right to complain.

If I decided to take your advice and leave, the country there will be landing fees and ticket taxes.

Oh, by the way I have voted in almost every election since 1971. Another darn good reason I can complain.

Hope you keep reading the blog and I hope you keep finding it interesting.

I heard they are trying to pass a 10% tax for agreeing with blogs and 15% tax if you don’t.

I really do appreciate what this guy said. I had rather receive a comment than a letter. I have never deleted or refused to post a comment. My only request is that you keep the language to a minimum. My daughter reads this blog.

I like to hear from you if you agree or don’t. The disagrees are as just as important to me as the agrees. Who knows you may change my mind. I think someone did back in 1974 so it is not impossible.

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One Comment on “Reader Strikes back with negative comments”

  1. Jerry Clark Says:

    I agree 100% with you. My dad told me that when you vote you have a right to complain all you want and come next election stand by your complants and vote them out. Most people don’t vote and if you look at the people in Iraq and Afganistan to see the joy on their face for the first time that good to vote would realize how luck we are. We do live in the greatest country in the world, but if we don’t keep an eye on big brother and speak out we’d turn quickly in to a government controlled nation. This is the same right that is give to the cry baby liberals that give them the right to wine about everything. Keep on complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!

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