I went to the movies Saturday night. That was something different for Pam and me. We have become Red Box fans for the most part. It’s bad when you don’t even want to stand in line and talk to the little pimple face kid at Blockbuster any longer. Now you simply insert a card in something that looks like a Coke machine and out pops a movie. What is the world coming to?

Well, Shutter Island was what they said. It was a brainteaser. I figured the ending out after about fifteen minutes. That always drives Pam crazy. She thinks I can’t enjoy the movie if I know how it is going to end. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Leonardo DiCaprio played a good part. I like him better now he is all grown up.

I never liked him or the sinking boat movie. Still too much cussing. I think that is a sign of weak writers. Then what do I know.

The movie did remind me just how close we all are to insanity. One-step to the left and you are insane. One-step to the right and at best, you are an odd duck. Maybe we are all insane and we lock up the normal people. Ever think about it that way,

If you find a movie filled with dreams and flash backs hard to follow save your money. I think one time he actually had a flash back in a dream.

I will give it a strong B myself. Then after reading my blog every day you may think that I am nudging to the left toward insanity myself. In that case, I would like a movie like that.

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