I am going to attempt to write two stories at one time today. We will just have to see how it turns out.

Roughly, three weeks ago I was going to work when I suddenly felt that I had heard from God. He had given me a project he wanted me to do. I was very excited by the idea. It wasn’t to later that day that it came to me that the project was over my head.

I started laying the groundwork that very night, it was Saturday, and I stayed up most of the night. I have many friends. I seem to know someone that can do almost any thing. I made a list of people that could help me with this project. It was six in all. Six professionals that liked me. Six people that would be more than happy to help an old buddy. All six either refused or begged off.

Then the nah Sayers came. Other friends explaining that I was over my head and giving good reasons why the project wouldn’t work. I was more determined than ever. I was on a mission for God. Nothing was going to stop me. Sure enough, the phone began to ring and people began to send me help. I was building a wall and God was supplying the material.

Half way into the project, every thing that could go wrong in my life began to. When I would get home from battling the world there was my project staring me in the face? I was beginning to recent the time it was taking up. Each night and early each morning, it looked the same. I was in the middle and it was at that point that things looked just like they did the day before. To say I was depressed and tired was an understatement.

That is when the devil walked in. He gently explained that I had not heard from God and it was time to turn the computer off. I had tried and now I knew that my friends were right. I was simply over my head. No one would think any less of me.

Now for story two. Yesterday my wife and I visited our old Sunday school class; we were a part of this group for ten years. I was disappointed to find there was a substitute teacher that morning. I thought it was about like every thing else of late. Then to add insult to injury she was teaching on Nehemiah and his wall. To me that is the most boring story in the bible. I have often said that preachers use this story as a last result. Another words they can’t think of any thing else to preach on.

Half way through the lesson, I began to see Nehemiah as if I had never seen him before. He had been exactly where I was now.

The Lord spoke to me again for the first time since I had started my personal wall. Oh just were you know he build the wall in a record 52 days. That was after being told he was wasting his time and their taxes. He was also told it couldn’t be done.

God said, “How do you think Nehemiah felt on the twenty sixth day?”

I could see Nehemiah staring at that half-completed wall. It must have been looking roughly the same now for days. The fun of starting had worn off and he felt alone and depressed. His enemies were mocking him. The fact of the matter he wasn’t alone. God had been there ever step of the way. He had made sure the masons showed up and that the materials was there when they were needed.

I worked on my project most of Sunday afternoon and until bedtime Sunday night.

Thanks Lord for placing that boring wall story in your book. I sure needed to hear it again. You see I am thick headed and it takes a few times for me.

Nehemiah 1 is the start point. Not a long story but very powerful when you read it with your eyes opens.

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