I am Confused

I have some questions today. It almost goes against my own thinking to ask them.

Everyone says that insurance premiums are out of site. From what I hear for family coverage, it is roughly $450.00 a month. I totally agree that seems very high.

Now, for the other side of the coin. When I first started buying insurance in the early seventies, it ran about $65.00 a month for a family plan.

It didn’t cover a fraction of what insurance covers today. The reason being most of the test they do today wasn’t even invented yet. I would say that the different types of medicine have quadrupled since then.

I have had three-eye operation in the last ten years that wasn’t even dreamed of back then. MRI’s and a hundred other machines were still just in someone’s imagination at the time.

I didn’t know of any one that had sued a doctor or hospital back then. My wife had our babies in a delivery room. My daughter had our grand kids in a suite.

I guess my question is this. Has the insurance gone up because the lawsuits and amount of coverage has gone up?

I can’t remember the last time I saw someone in any thing except a private room.

To me this is a very complicated matter. $480.00-$750.00 a month is a giant amount to pay. Still I don’t know what I am willing to give up.

The other thing is this job creation. I wish I had a better one than what I have. Even if I didn’t and more people did, it would help me. I am in the car business and we are starving because the unemployment rate is so high. People can’t buy a car without a job. Then there are lots more that have a job but are scared they are going to loose what they have.

Now we want Obama to create jobs. I want to know who is going to pay for these jobs. As for as I know the government has never made or built any thing. They are not a producer. They are a spender. The sad part is its my little money they are spending.

Creating new jobs seems like a good idea to they send you the bill.

I concede that I might be looking at this all backwards. To tell the truth I never remember being as confused about any thing as I am about this economy.

Still something tells me the government just isn’t the answer.

Go ahead and write me and tell me I am simply not seeing this correctly. You might actually change my mind this time.

Alright enough about the economy. Lets talk terrorist.


It was just announced that Abu Musab al Zarqawi was killed in Iraq by
American forces.

George Washington met him at the Pearly Gates. He slapped him across the
face and yelled, “How dare you fight against the nation I helped conceive?!”

Patrick Henry approached, punched him in the nose and shouted, “You wanted
to end our liberties but you failed!”

James Madison followed, kicked him in the groin and said, “This is why I
allowed our government to provide for the common defense!”

Thomas Jefferson was next, beat Zarqawi with a long cane and snarled, “It
was evil men like you who inspired me to write the Declaration of

The beatings and thrashings continued as George Mason, James Monroe and 66
other early Americans unleashed their anger on the terrorist leader.

As Zarqawi lay bleeding and in pain, an Angel appeared. Zarqawi wept and
said, “This is not what you promised me.”

The Angel replied, “I told you there would be 72 Virginians waiting for you
in Heaven. What did you think I said?”

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One Comment on “I am Confused”

  1. Roger's Place Says:

    The more of your things that I read, the more wise I think you are.

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