A Eye for a Eye, Depends on How Much The Other Eye is Worth

At least two or three times a year you hear about animal attacks. These stories often end in a human, mostly a child dying.

Around my area, normally a pit bull kills someone.

The distraught owner says something like this.” He has always been a family pet. The most loving thing you can imagine. This is the first time he has ever killed before.”

Then there is a pit lover that is quoted as saying, “That kid was most likely doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. You know how bad them there three years olds can be.”

About once a year, a shark has himself a surfer or swimmer. It always makes the news.

A few years ago, a tiger mauled his trainer in Vegas.

I remember reading not too long ago about a bear that killed his trainer.

There are lion attacks and the occasional alligator that snacks on a leg down in Florida.

The list goes on. I am sure you can add your own sad tale.

The one thing that all these attacks have in common is no matter how well adjusted or provoked the animal is he is always put down.

I totally agree. Most people feel if an animal kills a human once, he is subject to again. I think common sense comes in to play here.

Now throw that common sense out the window. If the animal is worth enough money, you shouldn’t put him down. After all like the red neck said about the dog attack. They most likely provoked the animal.

I pulled this quote off the news.

No animal is more valuable to that operation than Tilikum, the largest orca in captivity. Captured nearly 30 years ago off Iceland, Tilikum has grown into the alpha male of captive killer whales, his value as a stud impossible to pin down. He now has been involved in the deaths of two trainers and requires a special set of handling rules, which Atchison wouldn’t specify.

Well if you are setting there agreeing with ole Atchison, allow me to share another quote. This one comes from a mother that owns a pit. It just killed her kid the day before. She like Sea World is an animal lover. Unfortunate for her the pit is worthless.

Another unfortunate thing is that neither of these animals were human lovers. At least not on the day, they killed someone.

I didn’t copy it but the woman also said that normally the dog slept with the kid.

Below she finished the interview with this.

They made it sound like we put our kids in a war zone,” Faibish said in a phone conversation. “ That’s not true. My kids got along great with (the dogs). We were never seeing any kind of violent tendencies.

I understand where she is coming from. Who would have ever guessed that a dog bred to kill would ever attack? Maybe the dog ate the wrong person. Maybe he should have ate her.

Now back to the Killer Whale that’s official name is Killer. Yes the one that has already lived up to the name once before this time.

I say, “Would you mind passing me a fish sandwich please.”

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3 Comments on “A Eye for a Eye, Depends on How Much The Other Eye is Worth”

  1. I must be honest bro, your page is simply amazing. I found it simply by searching around Yahoo and in all honesty I am definitely thankful that I did. Keep it up. On a sidenote, http://videotrends.net/ has the first video footage I’ve seen on this event.

  2. I must say homey, your blog is simply incredible. I found it simply by looking around Bing and in all honesty I am certainly grateful that I did. Keep it up. On a sidenote, http://videotrends.net/ has the first video footage I’ve seen on this event.

  3. Jerry Clark Says:

    The trainers that get kill know the risk. Everyone thinks how horrible the attacks are. But we forget, these are WILD animals and conform to captivity by force. The ones that are born in captivity still have the instinct from the wild. It is amazing what these animal can be trainned to do, but again, they are still wild and you let your guard down and lose your life.

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