Decision #9,847,654,328,787

I have been married forty years this very day. Not only is it amazing that I have been married that long in today’s times I have been a car salesman for most of that time.

It only took us one final decision of saying yes in front of the preacher and we were married. I have no regrets looking back. Have we made all the right decisions in the last forty years? The answer to that is a huge no of course. Have we made any right ones in the last forty years. I think the fact we have kids and grand kids proves the fact that we made many right ones. Two normal kids, I might add and five wonderful grand kids.

Still, there were trillions of decisions that lead us together. Then trillions more that have kept us together. Life is simply ripples on a pond. Then to complicate things there are others throwing million of pebbles in that pond each day.

Now if you and your friend have ever thrown a pebble in the pond you notice at some time the ripples collide with each other. Now take everyone you ever met and or came across in life and have them all throw a pebble in the pond. If that is not confusing enough add everyone, they have met and that has crossed their path or should I say ripple.

You see what happens to us in life is not only about our decisions but also about people that made decisions before we were ever born.

If you live in the USA today, you most likely had little control over this decision.

If I had never met my best friend I would have never met my wife. If I had not been on leave that month back in 1969, I would not have been home. The if’s go on for infinity.

The next time you gaze into the cosmos thinking how complex they are. Think about this. If you could figure them total out where they come from, where they are headed and what caused them to do what they are doing you would have spent about one second in eternity,

If you tried to figure out the same about your life eternity might not be long enough.

The Bible says we are wonderfully made and complex. Only God has the recipe of how we are created. Every time we figure out something new, we find another question. With that in mind try to unravel all the decisions you have made and how all the other decisions have effected you.

The fact that you read this whole post may have saved your life. It might cause you to be a second late for a green light next week, The one at which the guy on the other side runs because he is late for work due to decision someone else made.

If I saved your life today, I am happy. If I cost you yours I apologize. I apologize for not only me but also the millions and millions that came before me that placed me here at this time writing this blog.

By the way, Pam thinks for making the decision of saying yes on March 7, 1970.

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One Comment on “Decision #9,847,654,328,787”

  1. Jerry Clark Says:

    Congradulations for 40 years! This is a very amazing for anyone now day, much less a car salesman.

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