Government verses basketball

A very good friend of mine wrote the following. Although it was to a local paper I think it still applies every where.

Read it and enjoy. People in little towns can have big city ideas.

Dear Editor: When I was in high school, I unfortunately witnessed a basketball game between two teams that by all indications appeared to be evenly matched.

The first team was tall, had a great shooter, good rebounding on the inside and could score quickly, but they didn’t play good defense.

The other team was shorter, quicker, good but not great shooters, had a good shot blocker and four of the best ball handlers around and played good defense.

At tip-off, the taller team controlled the ball, ran down the court and scored on a sweet 20-foot jumper. The crowd was going wild with anticipation of a great game.

The second team inbounded the ball, walked up the court and crossed the time line right at the ten count. They immediately go into the four corner, or weave offense, dribbling the ball around for two or three minutes not attempting a shot.

Each time they got into trouble, they would call a time out so as to keep control of the ball. The first team finally came out of their zone to pressure the ball and force play. The second team found an opening and drove for a non-eventful tying layup. This went on the entire game making it hard for the whole crowd to watch, even painful to see.

This seems to be the tactics our political parties are taking and we are the crowd that has to watch this mess. And I, for one, am extremely tired of this, and the childish arguments they are having, acting like two children fighting over whose ball it is.

Heathcare, the job market and the economy in the United States are in a mess right now. I don’t know how to fix them alone and you probably don’t either, but I do know if we come together we can make it work out without it being so painful to watch.

Or, we will all end up losing, making parity even less and tension even greater.

The shot clock was implemented along with some other rule changes to prevent this type of game from happening again.

Fans were leaving and the game of basketball was dying. I’m not saying this country is dying, but wow, look at the similarities. If a few people can save the game of basketball surely, we as a people can solve this mess we’re in.

In the end it doesn’t matter who won the game, the crowd lost. And we, my fellow Americans, are the ball and the crowd, so let’s stop this game they’re playing with us.

Dwayne Gammage


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