The Obama Situation

Spring has sprung at my house.

end times

I have read and studied quiet a bit about end times. It used to amaze me that the USA was never mentioned. I mean it was clear that Russia and China would be in the thick of it. Then Iran also played a rather large part. Still there was no mention of any thing that resembled America,

Now I am beginning to see why. With a president that seems hell bent and determined to destroy this country there is no reason for us to be mentioned. I am beginning to think he is a forerunner for things to come.

In a little over a year now, he has tripled the debt with no signs he is planning to slow down. He has China who is our banker all up in arms. Russia has said they are planning to collaborate with Iran and don’t care what we think. They also have announced plans to drill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, he has pissed off Israel. I think this is his biggest mistake so for. That is if it is a mistake.

I used to think that I might see the rapture in my lifetime. If I do it had better get here quick. I truly think Obama is a ticking time bomb. A bomb that is setting in Washington and when it explodes it will take out the whole country.

I will leave you with this one thing to think about. When was the last time you saw a congressional representative or senator willing to fall on their own sword for any one.

This strange man from nowhere seems to have powers we have never witnessed before in any politician.

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