No I didn’t get the header wrong. I said Republicans. That is exactly who I blame for health care. After four years of the some of the weakest government, this country has seen. We demanded change. We didn’t care what it was. We were sick of what we had. Obama gave us exactly what we ask for, change.

Oh, we didn’t want the kind of change he has given us. Still at the time the Republican Party had made us all so sick, anything looked good.

John McCain wanted to reach out across the isle. Well, John you reached out and they tore your stupid good arm off. Look like you would have learned something in the war. Like never trust the enemy. They are out to destroy you.

George Bush waited to the very last minute to send in the surge. Great George that worked well for the next president.

Don’t worry though. We will give you guys another chance. I have no idea that you will do any thing but mess it up worse.

Take a Republican and a Democrat and place them in a sack. Shack it up well and turn the sack over. What do you think will fall out? I say a piece of crap. Neither of these sorry parties is worth running a dogfight.

I am sure McCain will soon be gritting his teeth with a smile and saying. “We just all gota get alone.”

Sure, until we are over ran over by the barbarians.

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  1. I sat watching the news here in England about the healthcare bill, and all we heard were whiny republican lunatics saying “THIS IS SOVIET RUSSIA AGAIN!!!!”
    I’m glad healthcare passed. Perhaps the selfish half of America will shut the !@#$ up now.

  2. gary Simmons Says:

    Sorry my friend. I normally post them like they are sent in. I did in your case take the liberty to change that one word.

    Just out of couriostey how do you feel your health care program works?

    As for me. I will repeat it again. Shake the sack up and you’ll see the same pile of crap fall out.

  3. chamblee54 Says:

    Look on the bright side.
    In 2016, Chelsea Clinton will be old enough to run for President.

  4. gary Simmons Says:

    That makes me feel better. Thanks

  5. Jerry Clark Says:

    As you referred to the politicians falling out of the sack, I agree, Republican or Democrate all all crap. What happen to for the people, by the people? We started this country with a Tea Party and guess what Washington? Have you heard there is another Tea Party! I am deffantly going to keep an eye on them and will get my for if not just for protest against the statis quo. Like we had talked about earlier, There’s a sleeping GIANT fixin’ to wake up! THE TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

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