The Day After

They were at it Monday. The Republicans if you are wondering. You would have thought a thief had broken in their house at night when they were a sleep. They screamed they cried they in general acted like an idiot.

They went on and on about how they would turn this thing around. You would think they were on a mission from God.

You would have thought these pure and innocent victims had been raped on the House floor. They just couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

Guess what? Obama ran on this happening. Swore that if he were elected, he would do this and much worse.

Remember Republicans when he was saying this, your answer was. “We just have all gota get alone.

We have to govern together. We have been wrong about so many things. Will you guys please forgive us and sing some campfire songs.

The Democrats simply said no, we plan on running you and this country in the ground.

Mean while the Republicans were too busy fighting between themselves and offering each other up as sacrificial lambs.

The Republicans did a terrible job of running this country for eight years. We then put a crybaby up to run for office and blamed all his weaknesses off on the only one that was willing to fight, Sarah Palin.

Now not only are you paying for it we are to.

I truly wonder who the Tea Party will back this coming elections. Is it possible to run them all out of office and start all over again?

I wouldn’t pee in a northern direction if Washington were on fire right now.

The Republican got exactly what they deserve. The American people got the shaft.

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