I have a couple of quotes for you this morning. The first one is from Thomas Jefferson.

“As government grows freedom recedes.” That pretty wells sums up how I feel about government. Therefore, there will be no politics today.

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”

That quote comes from Cyril Connolly. He might not be as well known as Jefferson but as for as I am concerned he was smart. Of course, in both cases we all seem to become smarter the longer we are dead.

For the most part, I take Cyril’s advice when it comes to writing this blog. I write to myself and if you would like to look over my shoulder that is fine also. If you want to comment on what I say, I don’t care. Like elbows, everyone has an opinion.

A couple of days ago I was setting on the car lot waiting for a customer. It was pretty out side and the plastic chair I was in was very comfortable. It was rather like going fishing. I really didn’t care if I caught anything or not. I was simply enjoying setting in the sun.

A Big Hummer (SUV) pulled up right in front of me. There was a single white guy driving it. The truck had what is called a wrap on it. Often times when you see a commercial truck with huge, writing or pictures on it.

You may think. “That’s a lot of paint.” It is only a plastic wrap.

After years of catching ups (customers) there are a few things, I avoid. Single men are one, commercial trucks are another, and never do I catch any one in a Hummer.

You most likely are wondering why. Single men are normally kicking tires. Single women hate car lots so they are seldom shopping but are buying.

Men in commercial trucks are killing time on the clock and it is either too early to go home or to lunch. We call them Bubba in a truck.

Everybody I have ever met that had a Hummer owed way more than it either was worth or thought it was worth way more than what it was.

The man had stopped right in front of me so I had no choice but to greet him.

We had the same last name. After about ten minutes of talking, we found out we shared the same great Uncle and we both knew dozens of the same people. We both had actually visited my grandmother’s church. Still we had never met before.

I said, “What are the odds of that happening.”

The conversation ended with. “My truck is worth way more than that. Besides, I am on my way to lunch right now. I am meeting my boss and I needed to kill some time. It sure was good meeting you.”

“You to man.”

I sat back down in my plastic chair.

Another day I struck up a conversation with a man that does business with my boss.

We rode the same school bus when we were kids. I was a grade above an older than him and did not remember him. He remembered me because I was always getting in trouble and he wanted to be like me when he got to the second grade.

What are the odds that you meet people that crossed the same dirt roads you did fifty years earlier?

Now you know why I quoted Connolly today.

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