Airport Checks And Your Right Foot

Here’s a solution to all the controversy over full-body scanners at the airports.

Have a booth that you can step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you.

It would be a win-win for everyone, and there would be none of this crap about racial profiling and this
method would eliminate a long and expensive trial.

Justice would be quick and swift. Case closed!

This is so simple that it’s brilliant. I can see it now: you’re in the airport terminal and you hear a
muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA
system, “Attention standby passengers we now have a seat available on flight number…”

Works for me!

Alright if you aren’t into blowing any one up this morning try this.

Take your right foot and rotate it counter clockwise . (To your left)
Now take your right hand and draw a zero in the air. Another word clock wise. Bet you couldn’t do it.

Have a great day

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