I have mentioned many times before I read a lot. I have most likely read a thousand books in the last thirty years. In that time, there have been less than five, I did not finish. A book has to be awful before I will not finish it. Boring and generally hard to read aren’t good enough reasons to put one down.

Most of the time it has to be totally anti- religious or have more cuss words than regular words. I have a personal thing about cuss words and overly described sex acts. To me the author is making up for his lack of writing skills by bombarding the pages with this.

I am not a person that reads just detective books or romances. I read almost any thing. I prefer American literature to English. I am speaking of the classics.

Still some books are boring and others simply ramble on page after page. Much as this blog is doing today.

Anyway, the book I am reading now is called, “SALT RIVER, and it is written by James Sallis. Mr. Sallies is supposed to be a great American writer.

Any time you pick up a book and the author, has great anywhere describing his name put it back? It means that some college lit professor has deemed this book boring and difficult enough to place on his reading list.

I am 96 pages into this small book that is only 146 pages long. As of now, nothing in this novel makes any sense at all. No two paragraphs seem connected to each other in any way.

When I finish this book, I am going to find Christopher Sparks’ new book. After reading the first chapter, I will know how it is going to end. He and Grisham are both that way. Yet their books are enjoyable and easy to read. They are like having an old friend come spend the weekend with you.

If after that, I feel a little weird I will go get a book by Frank Peretti. Either which way I will understand what I am reading.

None of the above authors will ever be called great but they will all continue to make lots of money.

Times are hard folks. Stop worrying about being called great and write something that sells. You know something that makes sense.

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