I am sure you have heard of writer’s block before. Well, I am not suffering from it.

I am suffering from life block. Yes, that is exactly what I just wrote. Life block is when absolutely nothing worth a crap happens all day that is worth writing about.

From time to time, you see one blogger borrow or steal something from another blogger. That person was most likely suffering from life block.

Today I awoke early got dressed and went to my 10,687th sales meeting. It was just like the first one and all the ones in between. Nothing new was said. When you have been doing the same thing as long as I have there just nothing new to be said.

I set on the lot and behind my desk all day. I ate left over lasagna for lunch. We originally ate it for Sunday dinner. I shot the bull with my coworkers. I fooled around on the computer and then went and set outside again. No one came up on the lot. We didn’t even have any Bubbas in a truck today. (Check earlier blog for explanation of what a Bubba in a truck is.)

I came home, ate a light supper, and watched Kate dance on Dancing With The Stars. After having eight kids, the doctor must have disconnected her mojo. To be polite, she sucked. She sucked just as my day sucked.

While I am on the subject of suck or should I write sucking or maybe sucks. Maybe the proper word is sucky. It doesn’t really make any difference. I am sure you get the idea. Besides my seventh grade, English teacher is long dead now so she can’t get on me for poor choice of words. I will also say that supper wasn’t any thing to brag about either. I ate a corn dog. Some idiot put chicken in the weenie. Chicken should never be part of a weenie and my wife of forty plus years should know that.

Now I am pecking this blog out. You my faithful readers are most likely saying. “Gary your blog sucks today. “ You are most likely right. No, after thinking about it, you are exactly right. It does suck. I would apologize for it but any one that knows me will say.

“Gary sucks at apologizing.”

Why don’t we just cut it off right here? Maybe tomorrow I will be in a more creative mood. If I am not I will have the decency to steal something from one of my fellow bloggers and claim it as my own.

Thank you. May your tomorrow be more exciting than my today was?

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One Comment on “ONE SUCKY DAY”

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