One Man’s Trash Another Man’s Treasure

The title is true you know. Last Thursday I got up early and snapped several pictures of my dinning room set. I then carefully worded an ad and placed it on Craig’s list.

After doing this, I decided what the heck. I had a handful of old tools that I never used and that I was not even sure worked any longer. Snap, snap, and they are on the list.

I made sure to put in the ad that I was not the least bit interested in splitting the group up. It would be all or nothing.

My first three emails were from people wanting to buy only one item.

One hour later a man shows up with cash in his hand and buys the tools. I even managed to sell him an old chain I had laying in a corner. $ 90.00 he paid. He left happy and I was even happier.

Still I hadn’t got a call about my treasure. This seemed fun and easy to me. Next, I found two old rusty butane bottles. They belonged to grills long gone from here.

After two emails asking would I sell them separate? I had placed the same disclosure in this ad. A little over an hour later, the bottles had found a new home.

The junk was gone and the treasure remained. Now I have a dinning room set in my office. I will cut the price next Friday if I don’t sell it this week.

Meanwhile I am sifting through the garbage before I take it to the street. I would most likely be a millionaire today if I had not listen to my wife and cleaned out the garage so many times.

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One Comment on “One Man’s Trash Another Man’s Treasure”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    Sounds like you won on that deal–nice…

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